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30 Before 30 — You Don’t See Us, But We See You.

The Chapel Perilous: On the Quiet Narratives in the Shadows

A great piece covering the power disparities, bullying allegations and actually toxic behavior within and between feminist communities.

Cross With You

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Michelle Goldberg’s feature in The Nation magazine about “Feminism’s toxic Twitter wars” landed in the social justice community like an incendiary cluster bomb and its merciless conflagration is still raging online. The article, framed around discourse about race among feminists and implicit villainisation of Mikki Kendall (of #solidarityisforwhitewomen fame), enraged many who saw its misrepresentation of complex discussions skew towards condemning forthright voices of colour and protesting the innocence of the most privileged, white feminist leaders.

As someone who was interviewed in the piece, I feel a certain sense of responsibility for this and an obligation to speak out about the impact of something I had contributed to. If I had known that this was the article Ms. Goldberg would write, I would have advised her to write or frame it differently at the very least, or even hand it off to a writer from the communities she…

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Why Racism Is A Public Health Issue | ThinkProgress

Why Racism Is A Public Health Issue | ThinkProgress.

Prison Culture » Interlopers on Social Media: Feminism, Women of Color and Oppression.

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