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The “Fatherless” Red Herring & the Knockout Game Propaganda

This one time… at band camp… I thought the planets had aligned as I saw a RT of @blackrepublican where we totally agreed!

Yay! Common ground & shared concern for the needs of Black folks! But then… And she lost me. We agree about the necessity to take the initiative in guiding and supporting Black youth BUT suggested solutions far too often start and end with *insert Black man here*. Read the rest of this entry


For Black Women, Everything Is a Feminist Issue.

TransParent: A Story of Loss in a Community Misunderstood

Check out and support this amazing project produced by Natasha “T” Miller and directed by dream hampton.

TransParent is a film about the life of Shelley “Treasure” Hilliard, a Detroit 19-year-old girl, beloved by her family and friends. TransParent is a film about Shelley’s murder, about a hate crime that wasn’t prosecuted as one. TransParent is about the struggle to forgive. TransParent is about Detroit. TransParent is about projections and perceptions and communities misrepresented and misunderstood. TransParent is about incredible beauty and horrific violence. TransParent is about a grieving mother and her commitment to honor her daughter, Treasure.


The myth of "Fast Black Girls" [TW: Rape]

ImageAfter yet another wave of rage-inducing sexually suggestive jokes about Black baby girls, R. Kelly is slithering his way across a stage on prime time TV once more. Ridiculous! #OpenSeasonOnBlackGirlsIsOver. I get bodily ill over people constantly sexualizing little girls with slick predatory comments about “sluts in training” and “THOTlers” (That Hoe Over There). There is no shortage of people whose language & actions demonstrate they think nothing of Black women and couldn’t care less about protecting little Black girls. 

Proof of this socialized apathy is embodied in the public appearances of R. Kelly. After his tasteless performance with Lady Gaga singing to “do what you want with my body” while her childhood pictures are displayed in the background, my timeline turned into a spontaneous support group. Multiple accounts, from various years, sources, and regions, about adult R. Kelly lingering outside high schools, flirting with teenagers and worse. 

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Appropriated Music Awards

Appropriated Music Awards

Just say “no” to racist costumes. It’s seriously the absolute least you could do.


Black Women Are for Primetime, Too

Ava DuVernay-Directed Episode Of ‘Scandal’ Nearly Beats CBS & NBC Combined In 10PM Hour | Shadow and Act.Image

It has been a fantastic week as three of the most amazing Black women in media, Kerry Washington, Ava DuVernay & Shonda Rhimes, collaborated for episode #308 of Scandal. Also, the incomparable Debbie Allen directed this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy. It’s a historic convergence of greatness. Shonda Rhimes is one of the most successful showrunners in television today. Kerry Washington is an accomplished political activist, the face of one of the most successful network shows in recent history and the only Black woman lead in a network drama since 1974’s Get Christie Love. Ava DuVernay is an entrepreneur, film distributor with AFFRM ( African-American Film Festival Releasing Movement), and the first Black woman to win the Best Director Prize at the Sundance Film Festival for Middle of Nowhere.

So much brilliance, beauty, and radical Black womanhood in one place this past Thursday and it was a MASSIVE hit! Even for Scandal! Even for Shonda!

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Why Lupita Nyong’o Should Be Your New Fashion Idol

Why Lupita Nyong’o Should Be Your New Fashion Idol

Because: FLAWLESSImageImage


"To be black and conscious in America is to be in a constant state of rage." – James Baldwin

I’m not just mad. I am responding to the hate, erasure, institutional oppression, exploitation, and violence imposed on people. I can’t be consumed with protecting the feelings of people whose prejudiced feelings & entitlement are regularly given priority over the lives or safety of people like me. My skin is seen as inherently criminal & dangerous. My body is an easy target that is constantly policed & under reviews. Falling in line means being a stepping stone for others.Image

But this isn’t just about me. Trans*, poor, disabled, and queer folks are erased, abused, and shamed. Beautiful, innocent little Black girls can’t even learn to walk before they’re sexualized & subjected to the anti-Black misogyny this world has to offer. I can’t afford to be patient, complacent, ignorant, silent or protective of privileged egos when lives depend truly depend on it. 

Folks are targeted & getting killed for existing. Why am I mad? I’m awake. Why are you NOT?


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