"To be black and conscious in America is to be in a constant state of rage." – James Baldwin

I’m not just mad. I am responding to the hate, erasure, institutional oppression, exploitation, and violence imposed on people. I can’t be consumed with protecting the feelings of people whose prejudiced feelings & entitlement are regularly given priority over the lives or safety of people like me. My skin is seen as inherently criminal & dangerous. My body is an easy target that is constantly policed & under reviews. Falling in line means being a stepping stone for others.Image

But this isn’t just about me. Trans*, poor, disabled, and queer folks are erased, abused, and shamed. Beautiful, innocent little Black girls can’t even learn to walk before they’re sexualized & subjected to the anti-Black misogyny this world has to offer. I can’t afford to be patient, complacent, ignorant, silent or protective of privileged egos when lives depend truly depend on it. 

Folks are targeted & getting killed for existing. Why am I mad? I’m awake. Why are you NOT?


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