The myth of "Fast Black Girls" [TW: Rape]

ImageAfter yet another wave of rage-inducing sexually suggestive jokes about Black baby girls, R. Kelly is slithering his way across a stage on prime time TV once more. Ridiculous! #OpenSeasonOnBlackGirlsIsOver. I get bodily ill over people constantly sexualizing little girls with slick predatory comments about “sluts in training” and “THOTlers” (That Hoe Over There). There is no shortage of people whose language & actions demonstrate they think nothing of Black women and couldn’t care less about protecting little Black girls. 

Proof of this socialized apathy is embodied in the public appearances of R. Kelly. After his tasteless performance with Lady Gaga singing to “do what you want with my body” while her childhood pictures are displayed in the background, my timeline turned into a spontaneous support group. Multiple accounts, from various years, sources, and regions, about adult R. Kelly lingering outside high schools, flirting with teenagers and worse. 

His fame, money, and talent open doors. He draws crowds. People feel the need to protect his image as one of relatively few Black men who “made it big.” The teen girls he approaches, grooms and then allegedly commits statutory rape with/to are expected to keep quiet or be grateful. Despite hundreds of stories like the ones on my timeline and video of him with a minor and songs with a minor about age being overrated, defenders are consumed with disdain for “Fast Black Girls.” 

This is nothing new. Sexuality has been projected onto, used as a weapon against, and been a site of contempt for Black women at least since colonization. Inherently animalistic & hypersexual, impossible to rape, the antithesis of constructed virtuous White womanhood. While no identities of children or adults makes anyone impervious to predators, the intersection of gender & race has unique implications for Black & brown girls like Cherice Moralez. She was deemed “older than her chronological age” of 14 by the judge in the trial against her rapist & 49-year-old teacher, Stacey Rambold. Judge Baugh qualified his sentence of 30 days by saying “it wasn’t this forcible beat-up rape”. Essentially, upholding the legal precedent of being inherently sexual & complicit because… “little brown girl.” Even after Baugh apologized for what is unequivocally rape culture-enabling fuckery, he even admits he could not explain what he was trying to say.

Well, I can. “Little Black girls and brown girls are so mature, wise beyond their years, sexy, asking for it, sluts in training” It’s all the same. People don’t jump to these deplorable excuses just on behalf of famous singers. Plenty of R. Kelly’s peers lurk at high school parking lots & after school hangouts, or follow/harass girls who are clearly too young for them. And when these young women, in neighborhoods where street harassment is enabled and schools that don’t teach comprehensive & sex-positive sex ed, fall prey to manipulative adult men… “She’s so grown. She’s fast. She’s hot in the ass. She has no home training. She shouldn’t have been running the streets.” 



The streets should’ve been safe for these girls. No amount of mature or “sexy” behavior gives any adult entitlement to the body of anyone incapable of informed consent. Our cities, streets, and homes are full of predators enabled by rape culture and victim-blaming rhetoric. Before these people act on their depraved thoughts, WE as a society have provided them with depraved justifications that some girls are “asking for it”. Regardless of a teen’s sexual interest, why is your fully grown adult ass entertaining this? Why are we dedicated to protecting all the wrong people?  Black and brown girls need protectingTake the shame & contempt you have for “fast girls” and direct that to the adults you know prowling in Clare’s or school parking lots! Put your irrational worship of male supremacy aside and try bending over backwards for innocent children who actually need and deserve it.


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  1. This is a great article. I’m glad this discussion is taking place. 🙂

  2. Damn right!

  3. Good article and info. Check out the facebook page ‘cleartheairwavesproject.’ we are currently involved in a project to rid the radio airwaves of the toxic musick that constantly disrespects our sistas and encourages our brothers to kill each other!

  4. Lakeysha R. Neal

    The Lady Gaga song wasn’t about what you think I do believe their is a lack of respect and love for our children. But if you have followed Gaga you would know this is more about the media and their putting her down and how she wanted to point the little girl as who she is. Look up her work .

    • I see your point. I wasn’t accusing Lady Gaga of creating a song to promote statutory rape or anything like it, but it was in poor taste to have that hook coupled with a known predator & pics of her as a young girl. That context inspired dozens of testimonies of seeing an adult R. Kelly hanging out at high schools & sparked the article.

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