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Outrage over Ani DiFranco’s planned retreat at a former slave plantation isn’t just the internet overreacting | Mikki Kendall | Comment is free |



Ani DiFranco ApologizesNow THIS is satire for about what was certainly NOT an apology. The entire year has been full of people fabricating meanings for those words.  

2013 – The year Intersectionality gave WoC their own voice

Left at the Lights

It’s that time of year, where journalists take a break from ‘serious reporting’ and instead compile lists reviewing the past year and their predictions for the coming year ahead. This is sort of like one of those lists except you won’t find it in any of the mainstream publications or on the lips of the commentariat. It seems pertinent to review the impact of intersectionality on marginalised women on the back of a year where many of us felt hopeful that, for the first time, we were challenging white supremacy with a legitimate ideology they’d have serious trouble rejecting and they responded in kind by abusing us, questioning our mental health and threatening us with rape and death threats; by painting us as liars and agent provocateurs, about as black and working class as Owen Jones. No one said it would be easy.. But it wasn’t so bad when our…

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