Before You Make Excuses for Rape… [TW]


The minions of sexism are at it again, preaching pure victim-blaming nonsense because it’s a day that ends in “Y’

Unfortunately, instead of starting my morning residual jokes at guilty pleasure reality TV, this trash-ass human being made his way to my TL.

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And if that wasn’t awful enough he tries to justify being a rape apologist by dehumanizing men & absolve predators of responsibility.


Fairly standard victim-blaming from someone capable of original thought, but just unwilling to formulate one except in his own defense, like the coward he is. He attempted to delete some comments because the mindless patriarch script had run out.


Unfortunately, that sorry excuse for a human is in good company of apologists for assault. Most of society formulates & spreads excuses on behalf of the predators. Before someone even musters the courage to turn to authorities for help after an assault, the police, doctors, judge, jury, lawyers on both sides, and that person’s loved ones have been indoctrinated with a list of reasons why they somehow deserved to be assaulted. And while all of society sees prior physical violation as a reason to probe the victim’s personal life & question their very existence, the conversation is flooded with reasons the predator “would never do anything like that” “doesn’t need to attack to get sex” or “couldn’t help themselves”.

Patriarchy is a hell of a drug and rape culture is just one of many side-effects.

So, sexist cis hetero men: If men are equivalent to hungry lions by virtue of proximity to women, y’all don’t have any business running or controlling a goddamn thing. Sounds like you’re the “weaker sex” if all that alleged inherent leadership potential goes down the drain because… “easy entry” (or whatever the fuck the excuse is next time) OR we could rid ourselves of all the absurd sexist fuckery & put the blame/accountability where it belongs.

You ARE NOT an animal! But YOU ARE an entitled asshole.

A woman’s skin isn’t meat to be consumed by men, who are somehow savage animals. It is telling about you & your socialized predatory thoughts. If you honestly believe you have the impulse control of a wild animal and can be provoked to attack by an incapacitated acquaintance existing in your proximity or a stranger walking down the street, you should seek help. If you believe that sexual assault is in man’s default, I don’t want to hear a damn thing about how you’re the magical exception. You should be begging to imprisoned to protect others if this victim-blaming is what you call helpful advice. If I follow your logic, your savage ass belongs in the wild or in a zoo, not loose in society. Get the fuck out of here saying wardrobe compromises safety and not these entitled creeps imposing themselves on others without consent.

If you pledge allegiance to the 2% false report statistic in rape conversations, STOP COMPARING YOURSELVES TO ANIMALS ready to devour women.

And since most of my conversations are about/among/with other Black folks, let me address the Black men I so often hear perpetuating the awfulness of rape culture. It is horrible when anyone does it, but I’m disgusted by Black men rape apologists because:

The same raggedy logic about inherently sex-crazed men was good enough justification to string up Black men from tress a few decades ago.

When I searched for photos of lynching for various projects, the context of the postcards with dozens of White people posing in front of beaten, Black bodies, the reason for the murder was always an implication or accusation of raping a White woman. Even if there is no empathy for all the Black women who were considered unrapeable in this country for centuries for the same reasons you joke about on twitter, being inherently savage is nothing to boast about or hide behind.

Causes of Rape

The blame belongs with those who choose to violate others and those of us who validate the idea that rape is no big deal. Rape prevention rhetoric talks about sexual assault like it’s gravity.

It doesn’t “just happen”.

It’s not “in your nature”.

No one is “asking for it”. 

You aren’t helping anyone except predators by deliberating on reasons when it’s acceptable, understandable, or justifiable to violate others.

You are hereby invited into the mouth of an active volcano if you believe you have a right to disagree with the safety of others.


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