Black Bodies, Black Holes: Regarding Eve Ensler’s Colonialist and Messianic Fantasies

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Notes: (1) I define “woman” to mean anyone who self-identifies with the term- regardless of assigned sex at birth or (presumed) anatomy. (2) This blog post requires a massive Trigger Warning re: rape, incest, and violences wrought against bodies.

Imperialist, Carceral Feminisms, For Whom?

Eve Ensler is situated in a long (Western) patriarchal tradition that fixates its gaze (and touch) on the bodies of Black and brown women for the sake of knowledge, and experimental explorations of the Other. In her latest piece entitled, “The Congo Stigmata,” casts a voyeuristic gaze upon a Black Other- this time, the body of a Congolese woman and rape survivor undergoing surgery for conditions resulting from sexual assault. She shows no interest in the woman, but fixates on what she terms, “the black hole.” The unnamed, deliberately faceless Congolese woman’s vitality is reduced to orifices and excretions- because she is not a “real” woman…

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