Michonne: At the intersection of Blackness , womanhood & badass via the character in the comic book series & TV series of the same name, “The Walking

michonne-collageDead.” Beautiful, brilliant, unapologetic, fierce and one of the few Black women on “prestige” prime time TV. I hope there will be many more to come. (Although severely overdue for a backstory on the show,) No one owns, controls, or defines Michonne. Even in the zombie apocalypse, she’s her own woman.

Micheaux:  Oscar Micheaux, regarded as the first Black American screenwriter, filmmaker and producer. He was an entrepreneur who started his own production company and created more than 40 films. He captured Black life at a time when rampant racism left very few without visible or deadly scars and Birth of a Nation was adored by the masses.

These revolutionary figures are perfect symbols for my passion in filmmaking & anti-oppression advocacy. Media matters. It shapes the way we see the world, each other, ourselves. It informs our thoughts as a byproduct and fuel for our culture. Explicit critiques of implicit meanings within cultural texts like film & television are as essential as knowing what is in the air we breathe. 

I’m a film nerd who talks to much for microblogging & who loves humanity more than hegemony. I’d rather see people than caricatures. I’m tired of the monopoly on storytelling. After all, stories are how we learn the world & all we leave behind. I want people to have space to tell their own.


  1. Wonderfully put for why you exist here. Thank you!

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